4 Most Popular Tactical Shotgun Accessories

mossberg collapsible stock and sling

We get asked all the time by shotgun owners who are looking to make their Mossberg 500 shotgun more tactical or making their already tactical shotgun more practical. So we've gathered a list after asking several people their top tactical shotgun accessories and we're sharing the list with you now:

  1. Collapsible / Folding Stock - A good collapsible stock will will make your shotgun easier to stow. While also giving you the best of both worlds, the ability to full extend the stock for range and aimed shots, while a collapsed stock is great for close quarter combat (CQB). It's important that you choose a good quality stock as many cheaper collapsible stocks are uncomfortable and/or low quality.
  2. Side Saddle - Most tactical shotguns will hold up to 5 or 6 rounds, after those have been fired you'll need to head to your ammo pile to reload. With a side saddle, you'll be able to store 4 to 5 additional rounds right on the side of your shotgun. Typically either on the stock or on the side of the shotgun frame itself. The side saddle simply allow you to easily carry more ammo on your gun.
  3. Tri-rail mount - There are a huge number of things you can purchase for your Mossberg tactical shotgun but without a rail mount you're not going to be able to mount many of them. Adding a tri-rail to your shotgun will allow you to add things like grips, lasers, flashlights, etc with easy and even change them out for other accessories if you want as well.
  4. Flashlight - Every tactical shotgun owner should have either a LED flashlight on the gun or in their hands. Besides the obvious of letting you see in the dark a bright flashlight can also blind or disorient in intruder. We suggest getting a flashlight that's at least 400 lumens or more, the brighter the better. Flashlights come available in a forend or ability to mount to a rail mount. Click to view tactical shotgun flashlights.

You don't have to stop with just these four items either. There are plenty more tactical shotgun items like ghost ring sights, slings, night sights, heat shields, and much more. If you're looking for more ideas just check out our shotgun tactical gear page.

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