5 Gun Self-Defense Techniques That Will Save Your Life. Number 4 Is Vital!

In the perfect world you would never have to face a dangerous attacker in your own home or some dark alley. In reality, none of us live in a perfect world and unfortunately our world if full of dangers just around every corner, malls, movie theatres, work and even at home.

Having a gun to defend yourself is the most sure way method for you to avoid a life threatening danger. But simply just having a gun isn't the only thing you need. The gun doesn't shoot itself, nor does it train itself or know any techniques. To maximize a guns use, you will need to take the following techniques into account:

Technique 1, Practice, practice, practice!

It doesn't matter if you have a handgun, a shotgun, or a rifle - the only way you're going to get knowledgeable and familiar with your weapon is to practice with the gun. Go to the range each week or even month and shoot the gun. Become versed with the features and movements of the gun. You would be attacker, after all, isn't going to be a paper silhouette waiting for you to be ready.

Technique 2, Keep moving

Stress can effect you in a number of ways, increased heart rate, irrational thinking, blurred eyesight, shaky hands. Even the most trained and practiced shooter can become effected. It's because of these things why it's so important to keep moving even while you're under attack. Moving targets become much harder targets to hit. You will also keep the attacker speculating making it harder for them to apply the final hit. Continue to move and fire while moving... which brings us to technique 3.

Technique 3, Train for different situations

Simply aiming and shooting a paper silhouette will only get you so far. It's training in different situations that will greatly improve your reaction time, accuracy, and provide a more real world environment. Training situations like low light environments, shooting while moving, drawing and shooting from the hip, or shooting while on the ground. All of these situations are much more likely to occur than an attacker coming at you from 30 yards down field.

Technique 4, Aim for a vital organ

In many cases you might only get one really good shot and that's why it's important to make that shot count. An attacker might very well be high on any number of drugs and not feel pain in the same way a "normal" person would feel. High stress situations can have the same pain-numbing effect too. A hit in the leg or on the shoulder will likely be not enough to stop an attacker. When you aim, make sure you are aiming for a vital organ such as the heart, liver, or brain. These are sure way to immediately stop an attacker in their steps.

Technique 5, Practice short distance capability

More than 90% of attacks happen at close range, typically under 5 feet away. While shooting targets at 30 yards away is a great way to get familiar with the gun, it's important to know what kind of situation you are likely going to be encountered with and that's close range. Being able to hit a vital organ at close range, under stress will certainly help save your life!

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