Advantages of a Home Defense Shotgun

There are a number of advantages we like about having a home defense shotgun over other types of home protection or tactical weapons. The advantages below should be more than plenty of reason for anyone to want to go out and buy a home defense shotgun today if they don't already have one, before it's to late and SHTF.

  1. Shotguns are extremely powerful guns at close range (where most attacks occur) and at mid-range attacks. There is no arguing the power and deadly force from a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.
  2. Without even firing the first shot, the sound of a pump action home defense shotgun being racked is most dreadful to any would be attacker.
  3. Few guns match the versatility of a home defense shotgun. The home defense shotgun can be loaded with 00 buckshot for defense against large crowds and bring down large animals or you can load the Mossberg shotgun with hunting loads designed for hunting small game in an emergency.
  4. Less maintenance. The Mossberg shotgun is an extremely reliable gun and will typically work every time in most any condition.
  5. Unlike .22's and other caliber guns, ammunition for the Mossberg shotgun is almost always available and come in a wide variety of loads from birdshot, rifled slugs, buckshot, duplex loads, signal flare, and even rubber pellets. To add to the vastness there are even low-recoil and hotter loads as well.
  6. Economical! A quality shotgun, like the Mossberg 500, can be purchased for far less than most any brand new AR-15 rifle. The amount of tactical gear and other parts are staggering. You'll be able to customize your Mossberg 500 home defense shotgun in any way you like.
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