5 Gun Self-Defense Techniques That Will Save Your Life. Number 4 Is Vital!

In the perfect world you would never have to face a dangerous attacker in your own home or some dark alley. In reality, none of us live in a perfect world and unfortunately our world if full of dangers just around every corner, malls, movie theatres, work and even at home.

Having a gun to defend yourself is the most sure way method for you to avoid a life threatening danger. But simply just having a gun isn't the only thing you need. The gun doesn't shoot itself, nor does it train itself or know any techniques. To maximize a guns use, you will need to take the following techniques into account:

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Advantages of a Home Defense Shotgun

There are a number of advantages we like about having a home defense shotgun over other types of home protection or tactical weapons. The advantages below should be more than plenty of reason for anyone to want to go out and buy a home defense shotgun today if they don't already have one, before it's to late and SHTF.

  1. Shotguns are extremely powerful guns at close range (where most attacks occur) and at mid-range attacks. There is no arguing the power and deadly force from a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.
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